About Us

Krus-Teez Ltd is an e-commerce retail business. 

We sell customised products - inspired by communities of people indigenous to the villages, districts, and islands of the Pasifika.

Our designs depict references to: cultural icons, and historical events; legends, and origin stories; political affiliations, and salutations; slogans and mascots.

Our products are aimed at two distinct target groups within the

Pasifika community:- 

1). People who are already well versed in Pasifika culture, traditions and language; and

2). People who are unfamiliar with Pasifika culture, traditions and language -  specifically second and/or third-generation descendants (of Pasifika immigrants).

Our hope is that wearing our products can help bridge the knowledge gap; by initiating conversations within and between these respective target groups.

Our theory is that even a simple t-shirt slogan can help add value to our cause: 

‘To foster and maintain ties among Tagata Pasifika - whether fluent, or beginner; native citizen, or part of the diaspora in foreign lands.’